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  • The importance of forum activity
    Sat 14th Nov 2015 - 9:52am 0

    The importance of forum activity

    Hello gamers,I would like to make a post discussing something I'm sure most of you have heard about "forum activity" now I know its actively discussed and told to do but does it really ever get explained?

  • XGN Confessions
    Tue 10th Nov 2015 - 5:43pm 1

    XGN Confessions

    Welcome to XGN Confessions! Have you every wanted to say something what couldn't, get something off your chest? Well  heres something for you. Check back every day new conffesions will be posted daily. The Rules for the confessions will be further expalined in the article.  EMAIL…

  • XGN Changes Blacklist Policy
    Mon 9th Nov 2015 - 6:06am 1

    XGN Changes Blacklist Policy

    It's been about 2 weeks now since XGN, LLC. has formally changed our "Blacklist Policy" and I thought it was time to make a statement explaining this. I considered making a video talking about it and discussing the reasoning behind the recent change and what it means for this organization but I found…

  • Community Update
    Fri 6th Nov 2015 - 3:11am 1

    Community Update

    News and Updates from around the community

  • November Is BoD Appreciation Month!
    Tue 3rd Nov 2015 - 9:00pm 0

    November Is BoD Appreciation Month!

    Courtesy of the XGN News Team and XGN DefiantKing (for the suggestion), November is now officially XGN's Board of Directors Appreciation Month!

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  • Fallout 4 Has Released!
    Thu 19th Nov 2015 - 4:54am 0

    Fallout 4 Has Released!

      Fallout 4 has officially released as of November 10th, 2015. Check out some of the key point I've found out about Fallout 4, and sound off in the comments what YOU think of Fallout 4 so far! 

    Mon 14th Sep 2015 - 9:40pm 4


    Electronic Art's newest FIFA demo came out last week, and I downloaded it as soon as it released!

  • Dying Light Review
    Thu 19th Feb 2015 - 1:47am 2

    Dying Light Review

    Good Night, Good Luck.

  • World of Tanks Game Review
    Fri 13th Feb 2015 - 3:31am 7

    World of Tanks Game Review

    Review of one of the largest free to play games to date!

  • Windows 10 Review
    Thu 12th Feb 2015 - 2:48am 3

    Windows 10 Review

    Ever wonder when Microsoft will be announcing it's next window installment?Well that time is now.

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