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By XGN Obi Wan 7, October 24, 2014 0 News, Xbox, XGN

Recently Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel hit stores and like a kid excited for Christmas, I eagerly awaited the day that this game would launch. For those of you who are not up to date with the Borderlands series, the games offer… Read More »

By Mr XGN, October 17, 2014 0 News

Hello Xiled Gamers, So recently I was asked why we should remain active on the XGN forums ( Well although there are many reasons as to why as a member of the Xiled Gaming Network you should be posting on… Read More »

By XGN Obi Wan 7, October 12, 2014 0 News, XGN

How did you learn of XGN? Honestly searched online for a clan to join. I was in clans for years and something in my personal life made me I guess retire for a while. Then I had that itch and… Read More »

By Amped, October 12, 2014 1 News, XGN

Congratulations to XGN Obi Wan 7, on his recent promotion to XGN’s ¬†News Team editor. Since I hired Obi Wan onto the team, I knew he would be a great asset to the team, with his great writing and his… Read More »

By XGN Obi Wan 7, October 11, 2014 0 News, XGN

Here is the winners of the Month of September for certain ranks and we would like to congratulate them and give them the honor of being shown to the world. This is going to be a steady practice for now… Read More »

By XGN Obi Wan 7, October 7, 2014 0 News, XGN

This article is going to hit on some deep notes and needs to. We as gamers and people need to be aware of what happens to those that protect our freedoms to game and be apart of a greater world… Read More »

By Amped, October 1, 2014 0 News, XGN

XGN is now proud to announce that we have yet again added another huge sponsor to our amazing list! Our XGN family is now sponsored by Kontrol Freeks! Kontrol Freeks are best known for their amazing and useful controller enhancing… Read More »

By Amped, September 27, 2014 0 News, PlayStation, Xbox

Destiny has been out for a little while now, so I figured I should write a review on what I like and dislike about the game, In this review I will be giving you the good, bad and the ugly…. Read More »