Happy Veterans Day 2014

Today is a day to reflect on our gift of freedom given to use by those that have put their lives on the line and others that have fallen so we can stand tall. We as a people need to


Call of Duty: Advance Warfare

The excitement grows as we get even closer to the release date of the latest release in the Call of Duty series “Advanced Warfare”, that is set to release November 4th, but recently announced “Day Zero” will allow players to


Double Head Hunter Winners!

Virtue DoH: Winners of Head Hunters Captain: Its XGN Quickie Co-Captain: Its XGN Zev Virtue DoH defeats Outrage DoH Its XGN Quickie Responses How do you feel your team did in the tournament? “I believe the team did well and had good


XGN Member Spotlight!

XGN Mr Kush 7 ~ XGN GoD Co-Founder   How did you learn of XGN? My friend, me and XGN TheRev where playing came across XGN members. When did you join XGN? April 18th, 2014. How has your experience been


Borderlands Pre-Sequel Review

Recently Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel hit stores and like a kid excited for Christmas, I eagerly awaited the day that this game would launch. For those of you who are not up to date with the Borderlands series, the games offer


3 Reasons To Use The Forums

Hello Xiled Gamers, So recently I was asked why we should remain active on the XGN forums (forums.xgnclan.com). Well although there are many reasons as to why as a member of the Xiled Gaming Network you should be posting on


Xiled Gaming Network LLC //  HOT NEWS

Xiled Gaming Network LLC // GENERAL NEWS

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    Grand Theft Auto V predicted t...

    9 September 2013 , by Mr XGN

        One billion dollars. It’s kind of hard to imagine that much money. In the movie industry, only a handful of films ever reach that amount. In the gaming industry the billion dollar franchise has been the Call of Duty series, with the current iteration Black Ops II reaching the one billion dollar mark in just 15 days. Now...

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    Xbox Live Games W/ Gold Septem...

    2 September 2013 , by XGN Crimson

    So starting today, yes today September 9th 2013 until the 15th (9/1/13 – 9/15/13) you will be able to download for FREE: Magic 2013. Then from the 16th until the 30th you will be able to download for FREE: RainbowSix Vegas. I highly suggest if you got the room and want to get games for free then if I were...

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    Did Microsoft reveal the story...

    31 August 2013 , by Mr XGN

    It looks like someone may have jumped the gun. An image from the Microsoft Store appears to reveal the storyline for the next Halo game. The image has an image from the reveal trailer that Microsoft showed at E3 and has a quick overview of the game’s story: “In possession of a mysterious data chip, Petty Officer John-117, aka Master Chief, confront...

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    Xbox One Launch Titles & ...

    25 August 2013 , by XGN Crimson

    So some more Xbox One news coming to you XGN. For the past week or so Gamescom 2013 has been going on in Cologne, Germany. A few days ago there was some Xbox One news on the games that will be launching the same day as the Xbox One. The list of games and the publishers are as followed; Assassin’s Creed...

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    Free VIP Membership/Coupons Fo...

    18 August 2013 , by -xgn_holopoint-

    If you already purchased a shirt from xgnclan.com/store  or if you already bought VIP membership. We have some good news, If you purchased a shirt already you can message XGN Damaged VII and get free membership on the forums, and if you already bought VIP membership you can get a 5 dollar coupon code towards the purchase of a shirt....

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    Dead Rising 2 & DR2: Case...

    16 August 2013 , by XGN Crimson

    Starting today august the 16th until the 31st Dead Rising 2 AND DR2: Case Zero are free for Xbox Live Gold users. So no need to take my word for it when I say this game is completely worth it. Dead Rising 2 is an open world zombie survival game developed by Blue Castle Games and published by Capcom. Dead...

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