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By .dredgerbiz, October 24, 2013 1 News

Are you ready for a game system that has the potential to blow even the XBOX One and PS4 out of the water? Developers are currently working on a full immersion gaming platform (Virtual Reality) called Atlas. This system would… Read More »

By Mr XGN, October 23, 2013 9 News

Since it was first revealed, Titanfall has been the big talk in the gaming community. The very first game developed by Respawn Entertainment, three years in the making; this Mech/FPS game will be finally coming out on March 11, 2014. … Read More »

By Mr XGN, October 23, 2013 0 News

Battlefield 4 is coming out next week, and many are preparing for huge maps filled with tons of combat. On those days where you can’t get online, then you might be interested in checking out this trailer to know more… Read More »

By .dredgerbiz, October 21, 2013 1 News

  Recently available to all XBOX Gold Members and even a 7 day trial for Silver accounts is a Microsoft exclusive game know as World of Tanks. After the highly successful MMO on PC with over 70 million registered users,… Read More »

By XGN Crimson, October 15, 2013 9 News

Now we all know Microsoft/Xbox has been amazing so far with their Games With Gold program giving gamers 2 FREE games every month. This month I know I missed posting an article on Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes but… Read More »